Lara Trump Seeks RNC Position To Solidify Family’s Grip On Party

In a notable turn of events at the Republican National Committee (RNC), Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, has formally launched her bid for the position of RNC co-chair. This step highlights the growing sway of the former president within the party as he aims to solidify his hold and steer the future course of the RNC.

Lara Trump penned a letter to the RNC’s 168 members, expressing her pride in receiving the endorsement of her father-in-law, the 45th president. She emphasized her understanding of the fundamental importance of the co-chair role and expressed her eagerness to connect with and earn the support of the RNC members.

This campaign aligns with Donald Trump’s broader efforts to merge his campaign infrastructure with the RNC in preparation for future elections. As part of this strategy, he has supported Michael Whatley, the North Carolina GOP Chair, to succeed outgoing RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. Additionally, Chris LaCivita, a senior advisor to Trump, will assume the role of the committee’s chief operating officer.

Behind the scenes, collaboration between the campaign and the RNC is already underway. They are working together to integrate their efforts in fundraising, data analysis, and political outreach, effectively bringing the party apparatus under Trump’s leadership.

Lara Trump outlined her vision for the committee in her letter, highlighting one of her father-in-law’s central concerns – alleged fraud during the 2020 election. She stressed the need to build and activate the most effective state election integrity program in Republican history. Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of reviewing the RNC’s existing contracts and vendor agreements to identify what helps reclaim the White House.

Ronna McDaniel, the current RNC Chair, announced her intention to resign early next month. The election for new leadership will occur on March 8 during a meeting in Houston. Given Donald Trump’s support, Lara Trump and Michael Whatley are expected to secure their positions as chair and co-chair. So far, no opposing candidates have emerged.

Donald Trump’s team has been working to consolidate support and unite the party around him. This includes discussions with key figures such as House Speaker Mike Johnson and National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Richard Hudson, focusing on House races. Trump’s advisors have also talked with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s top adviser, Josh Holmes, to coordinate Trump’s involvement in Senate races.

Trump’s push to dominate the Republican National Committee (RNC) has attracted both allies and opponents. Henry Barbour, an RNC representative from Mississippi, has proposed measures to stop the committee from covering Trump’s legal expenses and maintaining impartiality until Trump garners the required delegate count for a preliminary nomination. The outcome of these proposals is still up in the air.