Laura Ingraham Takes Stand Against AirBNB After They Cancel Star

( Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has called for her viewers to join her in boycotting AirBNB, the popular property-sharing company that allows people to rent out rooms or entire homes for temporary stays. Ingraham is boycotting the service after it announced it had blocked conservative commentator Michelle Malkin from using their service because she is “actively affiliated with hate groups.”

During an episode of her radio show on Tuesday, Ingraham questioned Malkin about the ban, and promised not to use the service anymore.

“I’m not using AirBNB. Bye, goodbye, I’ve used them before, not going to use them now,” she said.

Malkin’s banning from the platform was confirmed by a spokesperson from the company who spoke to far-left “news” outlets The Daily Beast.

“Consistent with our policies, if we become aware of users who are members of or are actively affiliated with hate groups, we remove them from AirBNB,” the spokesperson said.

The decision was made after it was revealed that Malkin attended the white nationalist American Renaissance conference in Nashville, Tennessee, last November. The annual meeting is a gathering of the most prominent white nationalists – not regular conservatives – in the country.

Laura Ingraham’s decision to boycott AirBNB, however, was not a direct endorsement of that conference – or even an endorsement of the conference in any way. No matter how hard Mediaite tried to portray Ingraham as being supportive of white nationalism, that’s not what she said.

Ingraham specifically noted that the First Amendment protects Americans’ rights to “say repugnant things.”