Left-Wing Media In Meltdown Mode As Trump Gains Power

Left-wing media outlets are stoking panic at the prospect of a second Donald Trump White House. Washington Post Editor Robert Kagan wrote that a Trump “dictatorship” was “increasingly inevitable” and even warned that Trump may disregard the Twenty-Second Amendment and seek a third term in office.

“Why should anyone think that amendment would be more sacrosanct than any other part of the Constitution for a man like Trump,” Kagan asked. Some Republicans also appeared alarmed by the prospect, and the Republicans Against Trump Twitter account wrote that Trump had shared a copy of the article on his Truth Social media and was, therefore, telling America “exactly what he plans to do.”

In the New York Times two days after the Washington Post piece, writers Charlie Savage, Jonathan Swan, and Maggie Haberman penned an article warning that “a Second Trump Presidency May be More Radical Than His First.” The trio argued that the “forces that somewhat contained his autocratic tendencies in his first term” will be absent in his second.

The Atlantic went even further and brought in a team of writers to argue that “Trump and Trumpism pose an existential threat to America.” Editor Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that while he acknowledges a healthy democracy needs both liberal and conservative policies, the current Republican party has “mortgaged itself to an anti-democratic demagogue” who is devoid of decency.

In an essay entitled “The Revenge Presidency,” David Frum said Trump would begin a second term with knowledge he did not have the first time around, and with the ambitions to punish those who opposed him. Frum also noted that Trump may well be a convicted felon, or a defendant in criminal trials, or both, when he takes office, and this will “instantly plunge the country into a constitutional crisis more terrible than anything seen since the Civil War.”

A contribution from Anne Applebaum said Trump would leave NATO, while Sophie Gilbert warned of “four more years of unchecked misogyny.”