LGBTQ Group Claims Ron DeSantis Wants To Spy On People Despite Deregulation

( The biggest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization in the state of Florida made the bizarre and unsubstantiated claim that Republican Governor Ron DeSantiss is attempting to “censor” classroom discussion and “curb free speech.”

In a statement on Equality Florida’s website, and in a new ad campaign from the far-left advocacy organization, it was claimed that Governor DeSantis is “pushing legislation to curb free speech, propagandize school curriculums, and monitor classroom conversations, private workplaces, and doctor’s offices – all in order to outflank Donald Trump to the right and build an onramp to run for president in 2024.”

Nadine Smith, the executive director of the group, made those claims in a video from the group, clearly failing to grasp the purpose of new legislation being pushed by Governor DeSantis.

The Republican governor, who is expected to win his upcoming re-election bid owing to his widespread popularity, has pushed legislation that bans the teaching of extremist ideas in classrooms. Critical Race Theory, a far-left theory that claims everybody is racist whether they know it or not, pits young students against one another and has been embraced by some racist teachers in the state of Florida.

Governor DeSantis put an end to it, and for some reason, Equality Florida is opposed to it.

Smith also claimed that DeSantis and other Republicans are using the idea of “parental rights” to excuse their “censorship,” but didn’t consider the possibility – or the fact – that parents don’t want their children to be taught LGBTQ+ talking points or Critical Race. Theory.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ spokeswoman, responded to the strange claims and dismissed the idea that DeSantis is trying to create a “surveillance state.”

“I do not see how any of these provisions could be construed as a ‘surveillance state,’” she said. “I would suggest that anyone who truly believes that has not actually read the bills.”

In Smith’s video, which is titled “My Heroes,” a student talks about her two moms being her heroes. As she’s talking, a red light and a buzzer go off, but the teacher tells her to keep talking. As she talks, a voice from the school intercom tells the teacher to go to the head teacher’s office.

It’s perhaps one of the worst examples of political propaganda designed to deceive voters.

DeSantis has not proposed silencing gay people, or the children of gay people, nor has he suggested that children cannot talk about their gay parents in school.

He has, however, advocated for House Bills 1557 and 7, which require schools to notify their parents about any issues relating to their child’s “mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being.” The other bill also requires that sexual orientation and gender identity are only taught to “age-appropriate” students.

That’s apparently what this left-wing organization thinks is an example of DeSantis promoting “censorship.”

This is crazy, isn’t it?