Little Girls Punished For Filing Locker Room Complaints

( A controversial report is circulating online, from right wing outlets to left wing outlets, over a girls’ volleyball team being banned from their locker room after a dispute with a transgender student, also part of the volleyball team. The issue, however, is that what has been widely reported has also been largely one-sided. Here we’ll present both sides according to a report from conservative magazine American Pigeon.

According to a local report, now taken down, WCAX alleged that members of the girls’ volleyball team have been banned from their locker room after alleging that a transgender student made inappropriate comments. After the comments, the girls have filed a complaint against changing in front of biological males. One member of the team said that she should not be charged with bullying or harassment for opposing the Vermont education policy that allows students to use restrooms or locker rooms in accordance with their preferred gender.

In an email to parents, the school has taken the side of the transgender student, writing that they are investigating allegations that the girls actually bullied the transgender student, according American Pigeon. The outlet also mentions the transgender student’s side of the story, which disputes the girls’ claims that he made any “inappropriate comment.”

The student was allegedly changing in the locker room when the girls began to yell at him, forcing him to change in the bathroom stall. After peeking his head out to see whether they were changing into their team jersey, the girls began to yell again. After entering the gym, the coach approached the student and said that he overheard the entire thing and will report it to the school administration.

“The transgender student has allegedly been bullied and called numerous names in school since the incident, including ‘pervert’ and ‘freak,’ American Pigeon reported.

In an email to another outlet, the student contradicted most of the reports coming out against him.

“I am here to inform you that what was written about me is not truthful, I had never made inappropriate comments in the girls locker room nor outside of it. That is a lie,” she wrote referring to the articles deriving from WCAX that was subsequently parroted by other news outlets. “News is meant to inform but all you have done is enable lies that not only hurt me, but hurt the transgender youth that are within Randolph and Vermont.”