Liz Cheney’s Career Just Turned Worse

19FortyFive believes it won’t be long before Liz Cheney returns to the political arena.

A good “tell” is that she hasn’t left the D.C. region; she started working at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics in January. Her contract will last through the end of the fall semester in 2023.

Cheney, a former representative at large from Wyoming, may have her political career on life support, but it’s far too soon to write her off completely. Despite her notorious loss in last year’s Republican primary in the Cowboy State, it would be unfair to say she is in the “wilderness,” at least not far into it.

She said she is excited to start her new position as a Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. Cheney says that our nation’s youth will play a pivotal part in the fight to preserve our constitutional republic, which is the most pressing task of our time. 

Cheney may be prepared to fight in the upcoming GOP civil war, as she now works not far from the real site of the Battle of the Wilderness waged during the American Civil War.

To enhance the state of democracy in the United States and worldwide, she looks forward to collaborating with students and faculty at the Center, as Cheney put it.

Although there are many challenges facing our form of government, Cheney says she hopes her involvement with the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and the larger community will help find long-term solutions that will protect and strengthen American democracy.

Although Cheney is no longer in office, a Trafalgar Group poll found that her approval among Republican voters increased from 5.3% to 10.3% after Trump’s indictment in Manhattan.

Despite being far behind Trump in the polls, Cheney has more support than Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the UN, who has already announced her candidacy but only has 3.7% support as of early April if she were to run for president.

Her cautionary autobiography is set for release this fall. Her break with Trump and the GOP in the wake of the January 6th siege on the U.S. Capitol is said to be detailed in her upcoming book, Oath and Honor.

She may find political success again with the help of this book.