Majority of Americans Dissatisfied with Biden’s Economy

If the recent CBS News poll accurately portrays the sentiment of Americans regarding the economy, then the re-election prospects for President Joe Biden appear grim.

The poll, unveiled on Sunday, reveals that a significant 65 percent of American adults think the economy is performing “abysmal” (31 percent) or “fairly bad” (34 percent), as opposed to merely 29 percent who consider it is completing “very good” (6 percent) or “fairly good” (23 percent).

The American people seem to have a clear culprit in mind. The poll shows that a resounding 80 percent of those surveyed consider Biden’s policies to be “a great deal” (44 percent) or “somewhat” (36 percent) accountable for the current economic conditions. Only a meager 5 percent believe his policies are not impacting the economy.

Additional analysis of the data indicates a struggling American public.

Only 13 percent of participants shared with CBS News that they are “getting ahead” financially, with a significant 87 percent feeling they are “staying in place” (52 percent) or “falling behind” (35 percent). Furthermore, a considerable 70 percent believe that inflation is outstripping their income. As per the poll, the term most frequently associated with the current state of the economy is “struggling.” Americans hold Biden accountable for the economic situation and believe his policies stoke inflation. This suggests that the administration’s attempt to promote “Bidenomics” is not gaining traction, as per the survey’s results.

Participants who are aware of “Bidenomics” most frequently link the term to “higher inflation” and “tax increases,” casting a shadow over Biden’s campaign efforts to attract new voters.

Additionally, the poll discovered that Biden’s overall approval rating is a mere 40 percent, the lowest recorded during his presidency by the CBS poll. Predictably, an even smaller percentage of Americans – just 34 percent – approve of his management of the economy.

These findings from the CBS News poll echo those from an Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll conducted last month.

This poll, and others of a similar nature, serve as a stark warning to Biden. Without a shift in public opinion, it seems improbable that he will secure a second term in the White House. After all, the political adage, “It’s the economy, stupid,” has proven to be repeatedly accurate.