Man Accused of Killing Ex-Wife Discovered Dead in Jail Cell

Close up of prisoner in orange uniform holding metal bars, standing in prison cell. Guilty criminal or killer serves imprisonment term for crime. Inmate in jail or detention center. Justice system.

A man whose murder charge included allegedly driving his ex-wife off the road has been discovered dead in prison days before the crash’s anniversary.

Last year, on June 9th, at Molong near Orange, in central-west NSW, 36-year-old Troy Armstrong was accused of killing Kristy Armstrong after allegedly plowing his pickup into her automobile at 140km/h.

Armstrong suffered catastrophic brain and spinal damage, rendering him unable to move or even use the restroom on his own; Kristy died instantaneously.

Minor injuries were sustained by the couple’s two kids, ages eight and thirteen, who were riding shotgun in Kristy’s car.

The Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre in Silverwater, western Sydney, found Armstrong unconscious in his cell on Tuesday.

The prisoner was carried to the hospital and given first assistance, according to a spokesman from Corrective Services NSW, but he was later declared dead. Every death that occurs while a person is in custody, regardless of cause, is subject to an investigation by the NSW Police and Corrective Services.

Three counts of violating orders to desist from violent behavior were also brought against Armstrong, and he was further charged with attempted murder in relation to his two kids.

His committal hearing was scheduled on July 11, and he had not yet filed any pleas when he passed away.

After arguing at their children’s elementary school, Armstrong allegedly slammed his truck into Kristy’s vehicle at 140 km/h.

Kristy had served her ex-husband with an apprehended violence order in the two weeks leading up to her murder.

Armstrong was first required to appear in court on May 10, when his attorney asked him via video connection if he was physically able to do so.

Since Armstrong could no longer walk after having a portion of his skull removed, Mr. Hamilton informed the court during last year’s unsuccessful bail application that the community faced no risk from him.

However, Carl Smith, a police prosecutor, claimed that Armstrong was “a hazardous person” who, despite his injuries, had abandoned his two kids, who were living in constant terror. Although they were scared before the event, Sergeant Smith said that their fear had only grown since then.

The couple’s grandparents are currently looking after their two kids.