Man Gets ‘Accidental Vasectomy’ In Botched Surgery

In a shocking turn of events, Jorge Base, a 41-year-old father of three boys, woke up to the realization that his dream of expanding his family had been shattered due to a medical error during his gallbladder procedure in Argentina. The incident has left him angry, helpless, and questioning the negligence that led to such a devastating outcome.

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 27, Jorge’s gallbladder procedure was rescheduled for the following day. However, a series of unfortunate circumstances and a lack of proper checks resulted in him being mistakenly subjected to a vasectomy instead. This medical gaffe occurred due to the hospital’s practice of performing gallbladder operations on Tuesdays and vasectomies on Wednesdays, according to lawyer Diego Larrey.

Surgery to remove the gallbladder is a frequently performed operation for those experiencing discomfort from gallstones in the upper right section of their abdomen. Conversely, a vasectomy is a medical procedure aimed at permanently avoiding conception by either cutting or blocking the ducts that transport sperm in males.

Diego pointed out that Jorge was mistakenly added to the vasectomy roster without prior discussion or confirmation. “He was unintentionally placed on the vasectomy list and taken to surgery without any consultation,” Diego said. This error occurred because the medical team did not verify Jorge’s information, resulting in the incorrect operation.

The consequences of this blunder were devastating. According to Diego, when Jorge regained consciousness, he was in a state of shock. The medical staff attempted to reassure him by suggesting the possibility of having children through insemination. However, responsibility for the error remained ambiguous, with hospital managers and health officials blaming each other.

Even though there was a faint hope of undoing the vasectomy, the likelihood of success was minimal because of Jorge’s age and the intricate nature of the surgery. “When they performed the surgery on me, they were conducting vasectomies, not gallbladder operations,” Jorge recounted. Remarkably, his medical records showed he was supposed to undergo gallbladder surgery, rendering the mistake even more unforgivable.

The lack of accountability for this debacle has only exacerbated Jorge’s anguish. He emphasized that the focus should not be solely on the possibility of having a child through insemination but rather on the negligence that caused this irreversible mistake. “Many questions are swirling in my head. You can’t understand how they could be so negligent. It’s a huge mistake,” Jorge lamented.

To date, neither hospital managers nor health officials have contacted Jorge to explain or take responsibility for their actions. The absence of proper communication and accountability has left Jorge and his family distressed and seeking answers.