Man Getting A Haircut Is Removed From Basketball Game

( JiDion, a sensation on YouTube, effectively stole the show from Nick Kyrgios, an Australian tennis player competing in the quarter-finals of the US Open.

After having a haircut at the beginning of the second set of the tennis match at Arthur Ashe Stadium, the online personality left tennis spectators in the grandstand speechless by the unusual happenings that unfolded.

JiDion’s “haircut” antics did not amuse the tournament officials, and he was hauled out of the center court at Flushing Meadows after his performance.

In addition, this is not the first time JiDion has been seen at a sporting event with hair clippers in his hands.

At the beginning of this year, he had a haircut during the fourth quarter of an NBA game being played in Minneapolis between the Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The legendary American tennis star, John McEnroe, couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he saw JiDion leaving the New York arena while wearing a cape designed by Louis Vuitton.

In his commentary, McEnroe, the man they refer to as “Superbrat,” said, “it seems like a weird time to be doing that.”

“At this point, we’ve seen everything,” McCenroe said.

When he described JiDion’s behavior as “deeply weird,” tennis writer Ben Rothenberg of Racquet Magazine spoke for many.

The video blogger and prankster has amassed over 5.8 million subscribers to his channel on YouTube. His type of content appeals to the perpetually immature demographic.
In 2018 he began uploading videos to the internet. Since then, his fame has steadily risen due to the warped content of the footage he posts.

A month ago, he was taken into custody in France, and he later revealed to his fans that the authorities were attempting to hit him with an “arson charge” due to him lighting a candle in the restroom of an IHOP restaurant.

JiDion was given an indefinite ban from the popular platform Twitch in January after participating in many “hate raids” directed at another streamer named Pokimane.

Hate raids are when a streamer’s channel is flooded with abusive text in a coordinated attack.