Man Who Groped Woman On Flight Sentenced To Prison

A creepy man from New York confessed to molesting a lady on a trip to Newark two years ago and was just sentenced to two years in jail.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey said Friday that Ryan Manuella, 30, of Cheektowaga, New York, would be required to serve three years of supervised release upon completing his prison term.

A criminal complaint states that on April 16, 2021, while traveling from Denver on a United Airlines flight, the creep groped his victim.

Court records show that after Manuella’s contact, the lady yelled at him before leaving the row—the remainder of the journey she spent in another seat. She did, however, complain to the flight crew. Upon the plane’s landing, Manuella was questioned by local authorities, who subsequently filed charges against him.

The trip was so long that Manuella managed to change seats many times. While wanderig the cabin, he settled into the one occupied by a guy who had to use the restroom. Manuella went through the man’s luggage and reportedly pilfered a pair of sunglasses. Upon his return from the restroom, the guy motioned for Manuella to get out of his seat. Manuella slid across to the empty middle seat.

The assault victim was in the seat beside the window. At some point, the woman claims that Manuella groped her in the crotch and inner thigh. According to the complaint, the lady swiftly informed Manuella “in a loud voice to move away from her,” got up from her seat and then asked a flight attendant for help.

He was taken into custody after an incident on an airline and charged with assault with the purpose of conducting another crime, namely stalking. Last month, Manuella entered a guilty plea. After Manuella completes her sentence, she will be subject to a three-year probationary period.