Man’s Headache Mystery Solved After Chopsticks Found In Skull

A distraught man in Vietnam had a startling revelation when the cause of the chronic excruciating pain in his head was finally diagnosed.

The 35-year-old patient went to the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi on November 25th due to some headaches, fluid discharge, and fluid loss. The patient’s identity was not disclosed.

There, computed tomography (CT) scans confirmed the man’s diagnosis of tension pneumocephalus, an extremely uncommon and possibly fatal neurological disorder characterized by a hazardous rise in intracranial pressure.

The cause of the man’s symptoms was difficult for the doctors to believe. They saw a set of chopsticks that had apparently gone up his nose and into his brain on the scans.

When informed, the patient was taken aback by the unexpected diagnosis of eating utensils in his skull, but he was able to recall an altercation he had five months earlier while imbibing in a bar.

Doctors were informed by the patient that he did not remember much of the altercation but that someone had stabbed him in the face with something he did not readily identify.

It’s hard to believe, but the original hospital visit after his drunken fight failed to detect any chopsticks or nasal anomalies in the man’s head.

Fortunately, the chopsticks were successfully removed by endoscopic surgery performed through the nose. Neurosurgery Department Head Dr. Nguyen Van Man referred to the situation as “very unusual.”

After the doctors removed the chopsticks, the patient was said to be in stable condition and would soon be discharged from the hospital.

It turns out that getting chopsticks lodged in your head is not without precedent. A similarly bizarre incident in Taiwan happened when a lady got into a fight with her sister and had a set of chopsticks rammed up her nose.