Man’s Months-Old Tweet About Kamala Harris Could Get Him Fired

( Instead of making the Kentucky Derby about the race, ESPN decided to focus on politics instead.

During an episode of Outside the Lines that aired on ESPN on Wednesday, host John Barr interviewed Eric Reed, the owner of Mercury Equine Center, the home of Rich Strike, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 2017. Rich Strike became an overnight sensation as he triumphed in the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby despite having some of the most unbelievable odds against him. He was an 80-1 underdog.

Barr asked Reed whether or not Ree had ever tweeted anything that was even remotely critical of Vice President Kamala Harris.

After a substantial investigation into a problem that no one would care about if it weren’t for the hard-hitting journalism at ESPN, the host had a tweet in question lurking in his back pocket, as is typical for ESPN. The matter in question concerned an issue that no one would care about.

The tweet was sent by Reed in January and made fun of Kamala Harris by claiming that the only qualification she possessed for the position was that she was “excellent on her knees.”

The tweet originated from an account that seemed to fit a description of Reed, but there is no evidence to suggest that it stems from the guy himself.

The bio for the account says: “Conservative horse trainer who admires Ronald Reagan. Passionate player of fantasy football and owner of Mercury Equine Center.”

Reed refuted Barr’s charge and then brought the conversation back around to talking about Rich Strike’s historic triumph.

Reed remarked that he had no prior knowledge of the matter and had no idea what was going on “out there.”

He said he was more worried about what was going on with Richie and didn’t concern himself with the “haters.”

Even if he did send the tweet, what was ESPN going to do about it?