Many Top Conservatives Still Remain Banned On Twitter

( Since gaining control of Twitter, Elon Musk has primarily defended free expression.

But, he has overlooked lefties that encourage violence on the platform, while a handful of conservatives are still banned.

Vishal Singh’s situation as a “journalist” for Antifa is one stark illustration. Andy Ngo, a freelance writer, found numerous instances of Singh encouraging violence on Twitter. His most recent Tiktok tweet encouraged physical violence against Republicans and Libs of TikTok.

Singh has previously called for assaults on police and cheered assaults against actual journalists. as follows:

Nobody should be surprised by Singh’s advocacy. Throughout the past few years, the domestic terrorist group Antifa has attacked numerous right-wing organizations, members of police enforcement, and journalists. The organization was sifting through the crowd even at the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, 2021.

But the most visible victims were arguably those who supported Trump. On January 9th, 2021, the most infamous occurrence occurred in San Diego. Because Trump supporters were protesting the 2020 Presidential Election results, Antifa criminals pepper sprayed and battered them. Later, police filed various felony charges against 11 members, including animal cruelty, use of tear gas, and assault with a deadly weapon. One was eventually given a five-year prison term.

Antifa also launches doxxing operations against people they disagree with to destroy them professionally and personally. A particularly deadly and illegal strategy that has resulted in fatalities in the past is doxxing.

Antifa organizations continue to have approval from Musk despite their illegal activities. Despite not engaging in violent behavior, conservatives like Alex Jones and Jim Hoft remain removed from the network.

Musk has a problem with Jones because of his comments on the Sandy Hook shooting.

But Musk is acting like that the former owners. He is not off to the best start, especially considering Twitter’s financial difficulties.

More so, Hoft’s continuing exclusion from Twitter is unacceptable. His reportage on the 2020 election violated the website’s alleged “civic integrity policy,” and he was expelled. However, news organizations like CNN continue to use the site despite promoting bogus news articles.

The people banned should encompass not only Antifa but also any online user that supports violent crime. Iran’s government and Islamic terror groups ought to be outlawed as well.

In our society, too many people make morally dubious decisions without considering the big picture. Musk has made some excellent modifications to Twitter, but he will ultimately fail until he alters his strategy.