Marine Recruiter In Hot Water After Publishing Memoir

A Marine Corps recruiter has been dismissed from his position, awaiting the outcome of an internal inquiry into his self-published book detailing an alleged intimate relationship with a recruit.

Gunnery Sgt. Christopher Champagne (36) recently released an account of what he termed a scandalous, amorous involvement with a teenage would-be recruit.

According to an investigation by from the now-deleted excerpts, they present a troubling image of a powerful adult male Marine Corps official engaging in illicit liaisons with a young recruit.

In a disturbing twist, the main character of his story, who is given the name “Cosette” in the book, required authorization from her parents in order to join the military, insinuating that she was underage.

In an interview, Champagne’s ex-father-in-law, Rob Kersch, said he is not the sort of man you want engaging with your kids.

Champagne’s ex-wife Kristi and her father Kersch have accused him of a pattern of abuse, including physical assault, and have filed complaints with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the Azle PD, and Champagne’s current and former units over the course of the last two years.

Kristi and Champagne both have shared rights to their daughter after the couple’s divorce. She claimed she was afraid of giving her to him for visits. She is frustrated she can do nothing about that.

Although Champagne is still on active service, a spokeswoman for his command remarked that he has been removed from his recruiting responsibilities at a Fort Worth Recruitment Station pending the outcome of an inquiry into the claims made in his book.

Capt. Bryanna Kessler assured the media that the actions are not typical of the Marines of the 8th Marine Corps Recruiting District or the Marine Corps as a whole.

According to a report, a representative for NCIS said that the organization takes claims of criminal assault extremely seriously. Due to the sensitive nature of investigations into claims of criminal misconduct, NCIS does not comment on, disclose specifics about, or confirm the existence of such investigations.