Mary Trump Says Trump ‘Normalized Outrageous Behavior’, Unsure of Trial Outcome

Former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump has recently weighed in on her current thoughts regarding the outcome of her uncle’s ongoing business fraud trial in New York, revealing mixed feelings on the situation stating that the entities that have helped Trump beat troubles in the past, may not be enough this time around.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Mary Trump stated that there is a deeper issue than just the fraud charges alleged at her uncle, that being that the case has portrayed two versions of Trump. The first version is Trump being the presumptive Republican candidate for the upcoming 2024 election, and the second is an “Anti-American authoritarian wannabe”. Mary Trump explained that the two portrayals of Trump are being treated as entirely different, and that is a real problem. Mary Trump continued that the current state of the Manhattan fraud trial concerns her, as she claimed that many people have been willing to bail Trump out in the past, however, she does not feel that it may be an option for her uncle now.

The niece of Former President Trump explained that it has been a trend for Trump to pull himself out of situations by testing out impractical ideas of doing so, making a comeback when least expected. Trump concluded the interview with the fact that the ongoing trial is still in its “early days”, and that she does not want to get too enthusiastic about the outcome of her uncle facing accountability.

The niece of Donald Trump has seemingly been a strong critic of her famous uncle more recently, with Trump even publishing a book titled, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

Donald Trump returned to court last Thursday, where he faces 34 counts of business fraud charges related to hush money given to adult actress Stormy Daniels, concerning her alleged affair with the former President.