Matt Walsh Reports Blackmail Plot Against Him

This past Monday, the Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh returned to his show and used the occasion to give a message to those who have been hacking his accounts, sending him death threats, and trying to blackmail him. The message was that he would never be dissuaded from speaking the truth.

To illustrate that the attack went far beyond Twitter, the host of “The Matt Walsh Show” recounted what had happened to him a week prior, when his phone didn’t work, and his Twitter account was hacked. But as an illustration that the hack went far beyond Twitter, Walsh explained that the hacker went into his text messages, DM’s, and emails. 

He said leftists and trans activists were ecstatic, cheering on the attack. They begged for his most intimate conversations to be released. The perpetrators of this federal crime said Walsh “deserved to be the victim.”

Walsh said that the infringement of his rights, according to these loons, was “okay,” because “they didn’t like him.”

He said there is a broad consensus on the left that he deserves to be killed. This is the case, and they have made it very clear. 

He said the good news is that he will not sit idly by and let this happen, “and if the people who are responsible for this aren’t worried right now, they should be.”

Walsh insisted that he was not trying to garner “pity” by discussing his personal struggles. He said he would not back down even an inch or make any kind of compromise at all.

“I’ve told you time and time again that I’d sooner die than bow to the authority of these people, and I fully plan to follow through on that threat.”

“So to all of you who are trying to blackmail me and threaten me,” he said, “nothing will ever make me shut up.

The show’s host then declared that it would never happen. Nothing you’ve ever attempted has ever succeeded, and nothing you attempt ever will. It’s pointless to try. 

He said that the “truth is the only option.” 

Walsh has vowed to always speak the truth despite people’s attempts to silence him.