Mayorkas Slammed For Lying About Immigration

The Department of Homeland Security secretary was slammed for lying to Americans about the immigration crisis facing the country, according to The Daily Wire. Rep. Harriet Hageman tore into Alexander Mayorkas during a hearing in Congress focused on the policies he created to force social media companies to censor content that was deemed “misinformation.” 

Hageman railed against the so-called “censorship industrial complex” advocated for by Mayorkas and his “fellow architects.” She said that he fooled no one and thanked him for attending the hearing so that America could watch as he lied. She described him as a tyrant that the forefathers warned of and praised the First Amendment for being the mechanism that will expose him.

Hageman was not the only Republican calling Mayorkas out. Rep. Chip Roy noted how the secretary lied about the U.S. having “operational control of the border.” These false claims negatively affect real people, the congressman said.

Rep. Mike Johnson then took his turn lashing the secretary. With only 25 seconds left, he said that he was not going to ask a question because Mayorkas would only be “elusive,” therefore he stated that in his seven years in Congress, Mayorkas has been the most “dishonest” witness. He then took to Twitter to post the interaction and wrote that the secretary is responsible for the open border and the drugs and human trafficking pouring across it. 

Rep. Andy Biggs then torched the secretary for claiming that the border is not open. But independent journalists are documenting a different story being sold by Democrats. New York City is encountering a problem as migrants are arriving with the help of the military. 

The Biden administration is sending illegal immigrants to the Northeast, according to American Pigeon. The migrants are reportedly staying in makeshift shelters and hotels while awaiting a court date.