McCarthy Needs 218 Votes To Become House Speaker

( House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy needs 218 votes to become the next House Speaker after the GOP secured a narrow majority in the midterm elections. But the race to 218 has appeared to become more complicated, according to Just the News.

Five conservatives so far say that they do not plan to vote for McCarthy, with the House Freedom Caucus chairman, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, reportedly saying that the negotiations with the leader have been disappointing.

In a preliminary vote, Rep. Andy Biggs, a former chair of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, was nominated by Rep. Chip Roy in the hopes of demonstrating the opposition McCarthy faces. The move was to showcase to McCarthy that he did not have the necessary votes and should prepare to make concessions.

Andy Biggs has come out against McCarthy because he said that he was against impeachment, referring to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Biggs brought up the disastrous immigration policies and Title 42 issue, which has allegedly brought in illegal immigration by another 50 to 60% per day. But in response, McCarthy has called for Mayorkas to resign.

The House Freedom Caucus aims to reimplement the Holman Rule, which gives lawmakers the authority to strip federal employees of their salary if they are not enforcing certain laws. But few outside of the caucus reportedly support the proposed amendment.

β€œIt is such an important tool to push against the bureaucrats of this administration that are going to attack us,” Biggs said.

The Arizona representative said that he does not think McCarthy will get to 218 now or by January 3, even as he is working to recruit and woo people.

South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman has also said that he was not voting for McCarthy, citing the fiscally unsustainable path that the country is on. Norman said that he proposed a seven-year budget to pay off the deficit, but McCarthy did not support it, wanting instead another 20-year budget.

“There are a growing number of us who have just lost faith in that McCarthy could do the job,” he said, adding that the speaker is the most important job in the country, which has been abused by Pelosi.