Media Blamed For Fiery Division In Congress

Dan Abrams of NewsNation ripped into the political media for what he regarded as hypocrisy in the way cable news presenters had chastised the immature behavior of members of Congress while simultaneously giving identical members of Congress kudos and a platform.

Mediaite founder and host Abrams began his show with brief excerpts from The View, Fox News, and CNN, all expressing outrage about the current instability in Congress.

According to Abrams, while everyone else is watching the crazed animals at the circus, he will watch the ringmaster: the biased media.

He explained that the partisan media incentivizes Congress members to behave in this fashion. The implication might be subtle or overt. Biased media, whether they’ll acknowledge it or not, actively seeks out the polarization and hostility that currently characterizes debate on Capitol Hill. This is what sustains them. It’s disingenuous of many self-righteous television news hosts to seem shocked by such actions.

He said that they seem to miss the days when Robert’s Rules of Order was the gold standard for running meetings. Partisan media members are shown here holding a billy club while also clutching their pearls. Our political leaders acted like guests on virtual reality shows in some bizarre incidents, and we can thank the media for stoking the fires of partisanship in Congress.

After briefly mentioning the reported event involving former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) elbowing another Republican in the kidneys, Abrams then talked about the recent instances involving insults between Representatives Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) and James Comer (R-KY) at a hearing.

The gadfly Mediaite published a long rant in 2016 condemning commenters they deemed incivility and politically incorrect, officially declaring war on comments sections of their circus.

It was an assault on the site’s own readers and a complaint about the ever-present task of monitoring their uncouth comments. Mediaite also took particular issue with the “tard” variants (“retard” and “F-tard”) and demanded its commenters not to use them, all while maintaining that they were not the speech or the ‘fun’ police.