Media Is Plotting On How To Slander Ron DeSantis

( Vanity Fair, a far-left entertainment magazine, writes that the idea of a Republican Party without Trump as its leader has been a pipe dream of GOP mega-donors for years. Republicans were happy with many aspects of Trump’s leadership, including tax cuts and the promise to shrink government.

According to the report, Ron DeSantis has become not just the donor class’ top pick but also a Fox News darling.  The idea that DeSantis is just a nicer version of Trump is being promoted by several major news organizations, both right and left.

The writer explained that the data suggests DeSantis is just as dangerous as Trump, defining DeSantis as a fighter for the culture is a simplification. He uses  any opening to attack and defame people and communities who have been the victim of oppression for centuries. DeSantis appears to have mastered the basic authoritarian theme of marginalizing vulnerable populations.

Reports show Disney got on DeSantis’ bad side when the company voiced opposition to the 2022 ‘Parental Rights in Education Act,’ which forbids primary schools from teaching about gender identity and orientation.

Former Vice President Mike Pence appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and criticized the Florida governor for backing a measure that nearly removed Disney’s uncommon tax status.  Pence thought that DeSantis’ position went against his preferred ideal of small government.

Pence explained that while Disney fought DeSentis and was defeated, targeting them for punishment was not ideal. As a Republican who believes in a small government, Pence said he would never support a measure like that.

Vanity Fair is upset over what they claim is DeSantis’ right-wing attack on education in Florida, where book bans are increasing. They did not take kindly to recent New York Times articles half-praising the governor.

In the NY Times, DeSantis was  portrayed as the governor who was expanding his brand. They praised DeSantis for his ability to steer the political narrative.

Vanity Fair took issue that the NY Times revealed DeSantis, the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and Virginia’s governor Glenn Youngkin were all praised for their efforts to make their respective states more welcoming to families.