Meghan And Harry Rode Around In A Jet Paid For By Taxpayers

( Climate change alarmists Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew back to Germany from their present UK base on a supplied $50 million German taxpayer-owned Luftwaffe plane.

The circumstances behind the flight were to help promote Invictus Games 2023, which is slated to take place in a year at Duesseldorf’s Merkus Spiel venue.

Harry developed the Invictus Games to aid in rehabilitating service men and veterans by challenging them to compete in Paralympic-style sports competitions.

The two reportedly flew in a Bombardier Global 5000, which is generally reserved for prominent German government officials or armed forces.

It was lent to the Sussexes for their Tuesday trip to avoid taking commercial transportation.

The particular plane landed in the UK and “carried the pair from RAF Northolt at 11.34 am, landing at Dusseldorf Airport at 1.23 pm – 15 minutes behind schedule,” according to the Mail.

They were then escorted into the city in a black Porsche Cayenne.

Following the Invictus activities, the investigation revealed that the plane took off from Dusseldorf at 8.51 pm and landed at Northolt less than an hour later.

After that, they were driven 20 miles to Windsor. According to flight monitoring service FlightAware, the plane left Northolt at 9.24 pm and returned to Cologne at 11.16 pm local time.

According to a source, the chosen mode of transportation was ideal for a small number of VIP passengers:

The Bundeswehr has a fleet of transport planes ideal for short flights from England. It has the smallest passenger capacity.

Because Dusseldorf lacked a military facility, the plane traveled from Cologne to pick up the visitors at RAF Northolt. It returned the party to the exact location and Cologne. […] The same deal will be available when the games begin next year.

While Harry and Meghan were on official business, the plane, which can carry up to 19 passengers, sat on the tarmac at Dusseldorf Airport, awaiting the return flight.

According to flight monitoring radar, the jet – call sign GAF645 – spent under four hours flying time ferrying the California-based couple to and from the UK.

The Bombardier jet, made in Canada, has a range of over 6,000 miles and is popular with Prince Harry, who openly proclaims the need to preserve the planet from climate change while seemingly increasing carbon emissions.