Megyn Kelly Erupts Over “Women’s Champion”

( Megyn Kelly, on her Sirius XM podcast, joined a chorus of pundits, personalities and talking head luminaries, and expressed her disdain for the celebration of a man breaking “women’s sports” records.

“Lia Thomas is not the women’s champion and has some nerve standing there pretending to be,“ said Kelly.

And stand there she did. Kelly retweeted a Byron York post where he shows a picture of Lia Thomas standing next to his opponents, and the contrast couldn’t be any more ludicrous.

Thompson towers over the woman he beat, Emma Weyant, the University of Virginia swimmer, and third place winner, Erica Sullivan of the University of Texas, is dwarfed by Weyant.

Many on social media have been repeating the meme “second is the new first, “ in reference to the “real champion, Emma Weyant.

Pundit, Brittany Hughes, quipped, “No, Lia Thomas did not set a new record in the NCAA women’s championship 500 freestyle prelim. Because Lia Thomas is a man. It is literally not possible for him to set a new women’s record in anything. No matter what some scoreboard says.”

Joe Kinsey, of, was a bit more straightforward, penning the title of his essay, “Virginia freshman Emma Weyant cheated out of a national championship by Lia Thomas.”

Megyn Kelly summed it up when she lamented, “there is a way to allow TG rights without decimating women’s sports. This ain’t it.”

Thomas, who previously raced, unsuccessfully, against his male counterparts, was greeted by many cheers as the man “heroically” set a new swimming record competing against women.

After the Thomas win, woke ESPN asked what the victory meant to the swimmer.

“I try to ignore it as much as I can. I try to focus on my swimming, what I need to do to get ready for my races, and just try to block out everything else.”

By “everything” I assume Thomas includes blocking out the “twig and berries” inside the one-piece.