Megyn Kelly Suggests Don Lemon Paid Off Accuser

( On Monday, Megyn Kelly falsely accused CNN’s Don Lemon of paying a “big fat check” to settle a lawsuit, doubling down when multiple reporters fought back.
In a lawsuit filed in 2019, a former Hamptons bartender named Dustin Hice claimed Lemon assaulted him at a bar, claiming the CNN host “put his hand down the front of his shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand, and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache under Plaintiff’s nose.”
Hice’s argument broke down spectacularly.
Instead, the two primary witnesses he said would support his statement in the lawsuit contradicted him. One recanted his previous testimony, and the other denied she saw what Hice claimed happened. Hice also engaged in misrepresentations, attempts to conceal and destroy evidence, and other sins and antics, including trespassing on Lemon’s property to snap images while holding a lemon in front of his genital area.
Lemon’s attorney, Caroline Polisi, filed a petition for sanctions against Hice, which was granted by the judge, who found that Hice did nothing to preserve essential evidence and got rid of part of it, whether on purpose or not.
Hice was ordered to pay Lemon $77,119.33 in legal expenses. If the matter proceeded to trial, the judge said the jury would be given an “adverse inference” instruction to read Hice’s destruction of evidence as unfavorable to him.
Hice’s attorney had his witnesses deleted from the plaintiff’s list, leaving Hice as the sole witness ready to back up his story. Hice’s two witnesses were added to the defense witness list by Polisi, as their sworn evidence now stated that Lemon did not assault Hice.
Hice then abandoned the action on Monday. Both parties’ counsel filed a Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice with the court, thus terminating the litigation and banning Hice from amending or re-filing the complaint against Lemon.
In November, Kelly had interviewed Hice on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show. The day after that interview, Polisi sent Kelly a letter chastising her for “reckless reporting” on the case, which included incorrectly characterizing the case as a “sexual assault” and ignoring information in publicly available court records contradicting Hice’s story.
On Monday afternoon, Puck News senior correspondent Dylan Byers tweeted that Hice had abandoned his lawsuit. Byers included a statement from Hice claiming that he had “come to realize that my recollection of the events that occurred on the night in question when I first met CNN anchor Don Lemon was not what I thought they were when I filed this lawsuit,” as well as a statement from Polisi claiming that Lemon had not paid Hice any money to settle the case:
The Court’s decision vindicates Mr. Lemon and ends this slanderous action. From the beginning, this lawsuit was a blatant money grab. Mr. Lemon has never given the plaintiff a penny during this dreadful ordeal, and he is looking forward to getting on with his life.
I hope many journalists have learned their lesson about misreporting information and leaping to conclusions. Many sources’ coverage of this topic has been a case study in unethical and inaccurate reporting.
Kelly reacted to the news by retweeting Byers and accusing Lemon of paying off Hice without providing evidence to back up her claim.
“Case suddenly goes away on the eve of trial & u believe it happened w/o Lemon’s ppl paying up?” She said whoever believed that would be dumb.
She also accused the mainstream media of covering for one of their own and disregarding Hice’s “MeToo narrative.”
Kelly retweeted Byers’ new tweet with the remark – “There is zero possibility they didn’t send Dustin Hice a big fat check.”
Byers had deleted his initial tweet to make a factual correction, and Kelly retweeted the new post with the comment, “There is zero chance they didn’t.
Several Twitter users, including Byers, and CNN’s chief of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, responded to Kelly, citing Polisi’s claim that no money was sent to Hice and the case record suggesting the case was “coming apart.”
Kelly retaliated by calling Byers clueless and referencing a proverb about selling the Brooklyn Bridge, hinting that she believed Byers was being duped.
Byers said that he was working on the existing facts, as furnished by attorneys on the record, and that she had presented no proof whatsoever to back up her claim.
Kelly said that attorneys “attempt to spin” and that it was his responsibility as a reporter to “try to figure out the true story” rather than “repeat spin like a [stenographer].” She insisted that the case was not crumbling and that this was “any BS.”
Byers said he stood by his prior statement regarding proof, which seems especially important to legal problems.
“Not a single dime was paid by Don Lemon or any of his agents to Mr. Hice or anyone having anything to do with Mr. Hice,” Polisi told Mediaite, emphatically rejecting Kelly’s claim.
“The Court ordered Mr. Hice to pay Mr. Lemon’s lawyers costs because of his gross wrongdoing in this dispute,” she said. “It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.”