Michael Flynn Reports A “Secret” Supreme Court Nobody Knows About

(Newsglobal.com)- On Monday, retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn sent out a social media onslaught criticizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court system, warning Americans that their freedom to live without being spied on is in peril.

The court body that supervises American intelligence agencies in monitoring cases involving American individuals in the U.S. is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The inquiry into false allegations made against the 2016 campaign of US President Donald Trump brought this mysterious figure into the public eye.

The FBI was able to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign through repeated applications to the court that contained false information. This led to the “Russia collusion” investigation that dogged Trump’s presidency and cost Flynn the position of national security advisor he briefly held in the first days of the Trump administration.

According to Flynn, the FISC has evolved into a rival Supreme Court yet functions in virtually complete secrecy, among other severe issues (and there are many).

Flynn cited former Democratic senator from Idaho Frank Church, who served as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities, or the “Church Committee,” in the 1970s and ignited reforms of the nation’s intelligence services. The Levin Center has observed that the committee revealed evidence of government espionage against Americans.

Flynn wrote that in 1975, Church said, ‘hiding evil is the trademark of a totalitarian government. There is no more pernicious threat to a free society than secret police operating beyond the law. If these abuses had not been uncovered and had the agencies gone unchecked, we might have seen a secret police develop in the United States. Once that begins, the Constitution itself is in genuine danger.”

Flynn said that Church was correct back then, and his predictions for 2023 are even more accurate. The government’s capacity to undermine Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights has only grown due to technological advancements, the expansion of the federal bureaucracy, and systemic corruption throughout the federal government.”

“Now is the time to organize another ‘Church-like’ committee to undertake major reforms and either dissolve the agencies or demand full compliance & accountability from an increasingly rogue security state shadow government,” Flynn stated.