Microsoft “Executive” Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior At Office

( A Microsoft executive has been accused of watching virtual reality pillow fight porn and fondling female coworkers.

Alex Kipman, 44, of Seattle, has been called one of Microsoft’s ‘golden boys,’ but CEO Satya Nadella has pledged to end the company’s tolerance for ‘talented jerks.’

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied the accusations.

Several former and present colleagues have accused the innovation leader of improper behavior, including groping female coworkers and witnessing a ‘VR porn’ pillow fight in front of staff.

Late-night workers saw the sexual show on TV monitors.

The VR film showed skimpily-clad ladies having a sexualized pillow battle. By wearing special goggles, viewers may experience virtual reality porn.

Several workers complained about Kipman’s improper behavior last year, but the CEO, who lives in a $7million Seattle house, has not been reprimanded.

The video was only one of several verbal abuses and sexual harassment incidents.

Nadella swore in 2014 to stop the golden boys’ unethical conduct, but current and former employees say little has changed.

Women make up around 25% of Microsoft’s executives, and many have discussed discrimination and harassment in an email chain.

According to a 2015 complaint, Microsoft’s ‘lack of accountability to maintain justice led to women being paid less, promoted less often, and discriminated against when they complained.

This mentality ran from the top, giving lip service to diversity and inclusion but not supporting women in sexual assault claims or career growth.

The 2015 complaint said Microsoft was a business where women were ‘ignored, humiliated, or insulted’ and male supervisors controlled a ‘good ol’ boy culture’ that ‘accepts and tolerates abuse and toxic conduct, especially towards females.’

Employees were called p****’ and c***, and former chief executive Steve Ballmer was referred to as ‘our limp d*** CEO,’ the suit claims.

One lady was questioned by a male coworker about why she was ‘dressed like a whore,’ while another was flooded with texts asking to ‘spank’ her.’

One night, a guy touched four women at a work function, but an internal inquiry decided he didn’t violate anti-harassment regulations, calling it ‘poor interpersonal awareness.’

The complaint alleged that egregious and recurrent sexual misbehavior at Microsoft reflected a corporate culture in which women are devalued and underpaid.

Since becoming CEO in 2014, Nadella has developed a gender-related HR team, but female employees say inquiries can take months or years.

Employees say golden boy immunity dates back to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, who had affairs.

Shareholders urged in November that the corporation cease hiding sexual misbehavior.