Mike Pence To Target Democrats Over High Gas Prices

(NewsGlobal.com)- Former Vice President Mike Pence’s group Advancing American Freedom is launching ads in three vulnerable Democrat congressional districts slamming the Democrats and the Biden administration over skyrocketing gas prices and 40-year high inflation.

The six-digit ad buy announced on Monday will run in the congressional districts held by Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids, Minnesota Democrat Angie Craig, and Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne.

This is the third wave of ads from Advancing American Freedom’s campaign focusing on energy independence.

The ad “70 miles,” which will be airing in Kansas’ 3rd congressional district currently held by Sharice Davids, features a mom who describes how high gas prices have affected her family’s budget. She demands to know why the Democrats refuse to unleash the US energy sector to bring prices down.

The ad airing in Congresswoman Craig’s Minnesota district, “$80,” features a woman criticizing the Democrats for bringing inflation to a 40-year high and costing her $80 every time she fills the gas tank on her minivan.

The final ad, “Clueless,” airing in Congresswoman Axne’s Iowa district, features a clip from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg urging Americans to buy electric cars. A man by a pick-up truck says the Democrats are “clueless and out of touch,” adding that Americans love “American-made trucks” that “run on affordable, American-made energy.”

Advancing American Freedom had previously announced a $10 million ad campaign hammering Democrats over economic sanctions on Russia.

In April, the group released a lengthy policy agenda it encouraged Republican candidates to run on in the Midterm elections.

This three-plank “Freedom Agenda” focuses on American Culture, American Opportunity, and American Freedom.