Missing UC Davis Female Student Last Spotted in San Francisco

Authorities say a student from UC Davis has not been heard from them since they were last seen in San Francisco.

University freshman Diane Shoyeon Min, 18, is missing. According to the school, her whereabouts have been unknown since Monday night.

The university police said that on Friday, it’s been confirmed that Min rode Amtrak from Davis to San Francisco. She was last seen on Mission Street.

According to the police, witnesses say the young lady appeared to be in some level of distress. But if the authorities suspect foul play because of her disappearance, they have not said anything.

Many people have used social media in an effort to draw attention to Min’s absence.

A student at UC Davis said their friends have tried to get the word out, sharing everything that they can on social media.

When she was last seen, Min was wearing black Skechers shoes, dark slacks or leggings, and a black shirt or jacket. According to the campus police, Min is a lady of Asian descent who is 5-foot-4, 120 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair. 

She was also sporting an unidentified watch and a necklace adorned with a wire around an amulet. 

Police officers from UC Davis are spearheading the search for Min and collaborating with their counterparts in the San Francisco Police Department.

Why Min traveled to San Francisco or why she is said to be in “distress” remains unknown. 

According to Bill Kisliuk, a representative for the institution and its police department, additional information about Min’s disappearance is still being investigated and cannot be divulged. 

As Kisliuk pointed out, students often spend weekends away from Davis. However, someone is usually privy to some information. 

People are encouraged to call the UC Davis police at 530-752-1727 with any information about Min.