Mitt Romney Says He Doesn’t Think Mike Lee Did Anything Illegal

( Included in the pipeline of leaks between the January 6 select committee and CNN were recent text messages between Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee and former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

While the text messages were not the smoking gun CNN tried to claim they were, the media ran with the story, claiming Senator Lee was up to his neck in the so-called “Insurrection.”

Lee, who is running for reelection in November, was also attacked by his opponents who accused him of participating in Trump’s attempt to “overthrow our democracy.”

That was exactly why these text messages were leaked by the committee to begin with. The January 6 select committee is nothing but a Democrat opposition research operation to defeat Republicans in the Midterms. The selective leaks are designed to hurt Republicans who are up for reelection. And Mike Lee is the perfect target.

In reality, the texts revealed Lee looking for constitutionally legal means to challenge the electoral college results from certain states after the 2020 election.

When the legal means were exhausted and the Electoral College held its vote in mid-December, Senator Lee surrendered to the inevitable and didn’t attempt to stop the certification of electors on January 6.

What’s more, the texts revealed that Lee was cautioning Meadows to have then-President Trump distance himself from the crazier claims made by Sidney Powell, arguing that if Trump didn’t do so, both he and his campaign could find themselves in legal trouble.

Not exactly the smoking gun the media is portraying the texts to be, is it?

But that isn’t stopping CNN from flogging the claim that Mike Lee is some kind of insurrectionist.

Last week, a reporter tried to get Lee’s colleague Senator Mitt Romney to join the pig-pile.

But even Romney wouldn’t take the bait.

The Utah Senator reiterated that he believed that trying to “overturn” the election was a mistake, but from what he had seen, he didn’t think Mike Lee did anything illegal.