Most Americans Don’t Want Biden Or Trump To Run

( The midterm elections are reported as a “crucial test” for President Biden and former-President Trump, according to Newsweek. The former president had issued a number of endorsements, even successfully ousting the Republican who might as well be a Democrat Liz Cheney in her Wyoming primary, so the midterms will be an indicator of his backing with the Republican voting bloc. For President Biden, however, a Republican takeover of Congress will deeply hinder any Democratic agenda.

In light of this, in a stunning new poll, both presidents are not favored by most voters to run again in 2024. A poll from The Economist/YouGov conducted from September 24 to 27 showed that a majority of Americans are not backing either Biden or Trump for another bid at the White House. But there are notable differences between Democrats and Republicans asked.

Taking all nearly 1,500 voters together, 55 percent said that they do not want Biden to run again, with 21 percent who said they did and 24 percent who were not sure. 53 percent of respondents said they did not want Trump to run again, with 29 percent saying they did and 18 percent who polled unsure.

But these differences when broken down by party are even starker. 37 percent of Democrats said they wanted Biden to run again, while 31 percent said he shouldn’t and 32 percent answering, “not sure.” A majority of Republicans, 57 percent, however, wanted Trump to run again, with 24 percent saying no and 27 percent polling unsure.

The White House has made in clear in the past that Biden has every intention to run again in 2024 but has not yet made an official announcement. Democrats have been increasingly skeptical about whether or not it would be the right decision for the octogenarian to run again, given his old age and clear cognitive decline.

Trump has not yet made any such announcement but has repeatedly said that his supporters will be “happy” with his decision. It’s speculated that he may be waiting until after the midterm elections to make the announcement. While Republicans were previously expected to dominate the midterms, recent data suggests that Democrats will retain the Senate and Republicans will gain the House.