MSNBC Panics Over Arrest Of Famous Democrat

( Joy Reid, a broadcaster on MSNBC, lashed out at the Justice Department on Wednesday night after former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was indicted on numerous fraud charges.

Reid said on “The ReidOut” podcast that if that’s what we’re paying for, we’re paying too much for the Department of Justice. As a taxpayer and citizen, if what we get out of four years of this attorney general and this Department of Justice is Andrew Gillum getting illicit ‘Hamilton’ tickets, if that’s what we’re paying for, it’s too much.

On June 7, a federal grand jury handed down a 21-count indictment, charging Andrew Gillum with 19 counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy, and one count of misleading the FBI during a corruption investigation that encompassed both his 2018 campaign for the governorship and his service as mayor of Tallahassee. The investigation was conducted during the time that Gillum was mayor of Tallahassee.

In a fit of “whataboutism” deflection, Reid referred to the reported allegations that Donald Trump allegedly committed fraud by making fundraising solicitations in the aftermath of the 2020 elections.

“Can you fathom a scenario in which the Justice Department is not investigating this matter?” “Can you even fathom the possibility that this is the case?” Reid asked former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The fact that Strzok is showing up on radical left talk shows, feeling as if those are friendly waters, is very telling.

The indictment also charges Gillum with lying to the FBI over his infamous 2016 trip to New York, which was the focus of much of the last few months of his governor campaign.


According to the indictment, undercover agents paid for Gillum’s lodging at the Millennium Hilton hotel, food and drink, a boat ride around New York Harbor, and a ticket to the Broadway production “Hamilton.” They pretended to be businesspeople looking to secure government contracts in Tallahassee.

The indictment claims that Gillum did not report the donations and refuted them in a formal meeting with the FBI in 2017. During his governorship campaign, he informed reporters that his brother had given him a ticket to “Hamilton.”

Reid minimized the seriousness of the crime to lead her moronic viewers into believing the arrest was about theater tickets.