Mt. Everest Tourists Get Into Violent Brawl Over ‘Selfie’ Position

Two pairs of tourists got into an absurd fight over a viewing point near Mount Everest, and video footage caught the whole event.

According to reports, the incident happened on June 25th when two groups of visitors, both of whom were thought to be Chinese, arrived at the 8848 Viewing Platform in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

In the Mahalangur sub-range of the Himalayas, you will find Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth in relation to sea level. At the peak, you can see the boundary between Nepal and China. Officials say the mountain stands 29,032 feet.

Reportedly, the tour leader had requested that the groups stand for a picture next to the Elevation Monument.  Unfortunately, the picture shoot took a turn for the worst when the couples started fighting over who could get the best shot, leading to the aforementioned brawl.  The two males were rolling on the ground and hitting each other.

Two women got into a fight as one of them attempted to separate the men while the other woman kicked one.  Officials from the Everest Border Police Camp stepped in and separated the couples.  All four were apprehended.

The world’s highest peak has been experiencing increasing congestion recently.

The disappearance and probable deaths of two Everest climbers in April as a result of a ridge collapse brought this issue back into the limelight.

On their way to the most popular location on Earth, climbers face crushing traffic, an unsanitary, disheveled, and expansive base camp, and, increasingly, the prospect of death.

After two climbers went missing and part of an alpine ridge fell, the overcrowding on Mount Everest has once again come under scrutiny.

A chunk of hardened snow hanging over the edge of a cliff fell, dragging Daniel Paterson (39) and his Sherpa guide, Pas Tenji (23), down the mountainside. Videos on social media showed a line of hundreds of stranded climbers in the aftermath of the incident.