Multiple People Shot Near Atlanta School Campus

Near Georgia State University’s Atlanta campus, a shooting incident on Sunday resulted in injuries to four individuals, including two students.

Officials reported that while three victims are currently in stable condition, one is critically injured. The incident, according to the police, occurred due to a disagreement between two factions. As of now, details regarding any arrests or identification of suspects have not been disclosed.

Georgia State University authorities confirmed on Sunday that among the injured were two of their students. They have also committed to enhancing security patrols around the vicinity. They will collaborate with the police to ensure the safety of areas adjacent to the campus in downtown Atlanta.

The incident took place around 5 a.m. close to a RaceTrac gas station. Notably, this is the exact location where a shooting in December 2022 led to the death of another student from Georgia State. Additionally, another individual was shot at this site in April, as covered by WXIA-TV.

In another altercation, a man was apprehended following a fatal shooting just a short distance from the Georgia State Capitol in Downtown Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon.

The fatal incident took place near the GSU MARTA station’s entrance on Jesse Hill Drive. Major Matthew Carrier of the MARTA police stated, “From what we gather, the victim was seated on the bench when the shooting happened.”

Major Carrier confirmed that they believe they have located the individual responsible for the shooting. “We currently have the suspect in custody, and he is under questioning,” said Carrier.
This would be the second fatal shooting incident on the Georgia State campus in recent days. Following these two incidents, the university’s management convened a town hall on Monday to discuss the security situation.

GSU’s president, M. Brian Blake, commented post-meeting, “Whenever I’m in the city, I’m always conscious of my surroundings and potential hazards. I’ve conveyed this to our students. However, our primary duty is to ensure their safety and make them feel secure.”

Earlier in the year, after a series of shootings near the GSU campus, the university had promised to enhance safety measures, including improved lighting, surveillance cameras, and emergency call stations. Nevertheless, the jurisdiction for the on-campus MARTA station rests with the MARTA police.

The MARTA police are currently working on identifying the motive behind the recent murder. “We’ve gathered statements from some witnesses and will be reviewing footage from our surveillance cameras to understand the full scope of the incident,” Carrier added, emphasizing that the investigation is still in its preliminary stages.