Nascar Driver’s Car Crash Reportedly Had “God’s Hand” In It

( NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race at Talladega saw a horrific accident occur, which NASCAR truck racer Jordan Anderson called the “scariest moment of my racing career so far.” The driver credited “God’s hand” for protecting him through it, according to Breitbart.

During lap 19, Anderson’s truck caught fire, including on the inside of the driver’s seat, forcing him to send the truck into the wall and exit from the driver’s side window as the truck was engulfed in flames.

The video posted by Nascar showed the car erupt into flames and Anderson attempt to maneuver the vehicle to the wall as he got the net on the window down and tried to get out. As the truck hit the wall, Anderson nearly simultaneously found himself outside the vehicle.

Fox Sports reported that Anderson did have burns and was airlifted to Birmingham hospital where he was treated for second degree burns to his neck, face, right arm, hands, and both knees. He was released the same day according to a Twitter post.

“So grateful for all the prayers and support. Have been in some great hands with all the Nascar and UAB nurses and doctors. No doubt God’s hand was protecting me through that one. Scariest moment of my racing career by far,” he wrote in a statement published to Twitter, adding that doctors say that he should be healed up within a few weeks.

Sports Illustrated posted comments from concerned fans regarding the incident with one saying, ““You know it’s bad when a driver is still at speed and hanging halfway out of the vehicle. Glad he was able to get out on his own and hope no serious injuries. Scary situation for sure.”