Netanyahu Says He’s Open To ‘Pauses’ But Not a Ceasefire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to mounting pressure from the US government to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, said he would approve brief pauses in fighting to facilitate the delivery of aid as well as the freeing of hostages being held by Hamas.

However, until all Israeli hostages detained by Hamas are freed, Netanyahu has categorically rejected the concept of a full-scale cease-fire.

On Monday night, after speaking with President Joe Biden, in which the American President reaffirmed his plea for a “humanitarian” halt in the war, Netanyahu made his comments.

According to reports, Netanyahu’s response to a question about who should rule Gaza after hostilities end inflamed anti-Israel sentiment among pro-Hamas supporters everywhere.

Netanyahu told the media that he believes Israel will bear the overall security burden for an extended time.

On Monday night, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a video revealing proof that the Palestinian Hamas terror group used western Gaza’s Al-Rantisi Hospital for Children to store weapons and perhaps even captives.

IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari visited the hospital’s location and demonstrated how it was in close proximity to the residence of a Hamas naval commander, as well as a nearby school, placing all three places at risk.

Hagari also shows a tunnel close to the solar-powered home of the commando commander. Hagari said that after sending robots down the tunnel, the IDF had discovered a bulletproof doorway that was hardened against explosives.

Hagari displayed a stash of Hamas firearms that were discovered while searching the facility. He pointed out that they were kept in a room where children and patients were also kept. As more proof that Israeli captives were being kept in the hospital’s basement, Hagari displayed a bullet-riddled motorbike, women’s clothing, a chair, rope, baby bottles, and a makeshift toilet with diapers.

Reports suggest that at least 30 children, including numerous babies, are believed to be held prisoner by Hamas.