New Reasons To Replace Kevin McCarthy

( Nothing except turmoil lies ahead for Kevin McCarthy. If Republicans secured a majority, it was widely believed that he would take over as Speaker of the House. Even though he is still the front-runner, he is up against substantial and outspoken opposition from the GOP’s most ardent conservatives, which could derail his campaign. If the Bakersfield Republican lives, he will have an eternally difficult journey. These conservatives advocate for the impeachment of specific members of the Biden administration and maybe the president. McCarthy lacks that enthusiasm.

McCarthy will also encounter a White House with different beliefs from his own and the authority to block him when he attempts to push through legislation. The GOP needs a fighter.

Republicans appear poised to secure a narrow House majority, which could allow for the disproportionate influence of a few individuals or small groups of Republicans.

McCarthy would be removed as Speaker even if he were to be elected because FreedomWorks, a conservative organization with sway over some lawmakers, is asking the House to change a rule that would make it simpler to remove a Speaker. He hasn’t even made it that far, according to several members. Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., said last week, “Kevin McCarthy has not done anything to earn my vote for Speaker.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, tweeted “Current Mood” alongside the video “Speaker Jordan?” If Republicans take back the House, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio will lead the judiciary committee.

A few more conservatives spoke up. Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza tweeted on Thursday, “House Republicans need to start a movement to prevent Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker.”

The conservatives and McCarthy have previously clashed. He was the front-runner to be Speaker in 2015, but he decided against running because some conservatives were worried he wasn’t a true conservative. McCarthy has worked hard since then to dissuade the doubters. But, he claimed that former President Donald Trump “bears responsibility” for the brawl on the House floor in January 2021 following the Capitol uprising.

Here are some reasons McCarthy shouldn’t be speaker:

1.) Kevin McCarthy: “We’re not going to impeach Joe Biden.”

2.) Kevin McCarthy recommended President Trump resign after January 6 protests that killed four Trump supporters. Then he lied about it.

3.) McCarthy spent millions to defeat pro-Trump Republicans.

4.) McCarthy booed at the Trump rally.

5.) Kevin McCarthy, following the 2020 election, “I Don’t Think Anybody is Questioning the Legitimacy of the Election… It’s Over With”