New Report Finds 99% Illegal Migrants Live Freely Across the US

Nearly all illegal immigrants who were able to successfully cross the border are living freely around the U.S.

A new report has found that the Department of Homeland Security under President Joe Biden monitors less than 1.5% of the illegal population in the U.S.

The data was compiled by the National Immigration Center for Enforcement and was recently circulated around Washington by several Republicans in the Senate and House.

The NICE report took a look at the overall population of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. today, a number it estimated to sit at about 17 million people.

According to the data, just 1.34% of these millions of illegal border crosses and illegal aliens are either in a detention center run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or being monitored through the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program.

This new report follows up on one that Breitbart News issued last week that found almost 7.4 million illegal aliens are on the “non-detained docket” list that ICE keeps. This list is essentially illegal immigrants who the White House knows are here and are living across the United States, but who aren’t in any detention center run by ICE.

And of those people on the “non-detained docket,” less than 2.5% find themselves being monitored by ISAP.

After this data was released, House Speaker Mike Johnson accused the Biden administration of trying to mislead Americans about the state of illegal immigration in the country. He wrote:

“99% of illegal aliens in America are roaming free … remember this is the state of our southern border under HIS leadership.”

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee added:

“Of the roughly 17 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today: 99% are roaming free, completely unsupervised by the Biden [administration]. Only 1% are even being actively supervised. Only 0.25% are being detained. This is not sustainable.”

Hagerty has long pushed for immigration reform. Recently, he — along with Republican Representative Bryon Donalds of Florida — introduced new legislation called the “Reshape Alternatives to Detention Act.”

If passed, it would require the Department of Homeland Security to use all the available space it has in detention centers to house people who cross the border illegally. After all of that space is used up, the law would require the agency to place these illegal immigrants on the ISAP so they are monitored by GPS as they await their hearings about whether they will be deported.

Hagerty has said that the aim of the bill would be to ensure that any migrants on the non-detained docket get enrolled in the ISAP so ICE is aware of everyone’s precise location should they be deported by a federal immigration judge or decide on their own to abscond from the program.

At the current pace, more than 8 million illegal immigrants are projected to be placed on this list by the end of 2024. Yet, an overwhelming majority of those people won’t be ISAP-monitored.