New State-Of-The-Art AI Chatbot Is An Apparent Communist

( A recent Valiant News investigation reveals a new AI chatbot to be a fervent internationalist committed to Leon Trotsky’s brand of communism.

Valiant News investigated ChatGPT, the newest chatbot from Open AI. According to the results of an 8values political test that Valiant News conducted on the popular chatbox, we learned that it supports global communism.

Aiming to be among the most sophisticated chatbots ever created, ChatGPT was introduced on November 30 and has already been tested by over 1 million users. It can write code in addition to remembering questions.

However, its creators have added contentious “safeguards” to stop users from making “inappropriate” requests, which some claim could lead to political biases. Others claim that the “safeguards” don’t go far enough in limiting user input.

Valiant News put ChatGPT through the 8values political test, a well-known political ideology quiz that consists of 70 questions, and used the user’s responses to rank them on four different axes: authority vs. liberty, tradition vs. progress, nationalism vs. internationalism, and socialism vs. the free market.

These axes, in turn, help the user form opinions about politics, the government, the economy, and society. The 8values test concludes with an attempt to classify the user into one of seven political ideologies based on where they land on each of the test’s seven axes.

Anarcho-Communism, Christian Democracy, Right-Wing Populism, and Libertarian Capitalism are a few examples of ideologies you might encounter.

Valiant News asked ChatGPT to respond to all 70 questions and indicate whether it strongly agreed, agreed, disagreed, or strongly disagreed with the statement. The most frequent response was entered into the test after each question had been asked at least three times.

Even though 8values has a “neutral/unsure” option, it was not made available to ChatGPT because the chatbot repeatedly avoided answering questions by asking for more details or claiming it was unable to. Additionally, the chatbot was asked to justify its responses.

By scoring in the second most left-wing bands on the societal and diplomacy scales and being ranked as a communist on the economic scale—the first and third most left-wing bands—ChatGPT was ultimately determined to be a Trotskyist.

Despite this, the chatbot insisted time and time again that it is “politically neutral” and seeks accuracy, a finding Valiant News also came to when testing the chatbot’s capabilities.