New UFO Photo Is So Creepy Even Fact-Checkers Don’t Know Anymore

( According to a fact check at Newsweek, the photos of an alleged UFO spotted in Mexico cannot be verified.

The photos prompted headlines this week after the story was picked up by a Mexican news outlet. However, several people have subsequently claimed credit for the images, including one person who claimed the photos were made using artificial intelligence.

Last Friday, RadioDual Televisión in Mexico ran a news story on the supposed UFO featuring a Valle Hermoso resident who claimed he photographed it.

The story was then picked up by other news outlets worldwide, including the UK Sun and Australia’s

But on Monday, a member of the Facebook group, Midjourney AI, claimed credit for the images saying that they were created using artificial intelligence.

In a comment, the member named “Poncho,” boasted over the AI-created image going viral in the news, adding, “People need to hire me to create fake news.”

Newsweek’s fact-checkers could not verify “Poncho’s” claims and were unable to locate the comment on the Midjourney AI Facebook group.

Ultimately, Newsweek concluded that the authenticity of the supposed UFO is “unverified” since it wasn’t possible to independently corroborate any of the claims.

Read Newsweek’s fact-check HERE.