Nikki Haley Wins Endorsement Of Billionaire Koch Network

The Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity Act, a libertarian policy network, in late November endorsed Nikki Haley in the 2024 Republican primary, CBS News reported.

The staunchly anti-Trump big donor group’s support could bring in a large influx of Wall Street cash for Haley as she struggles to break away from the rest of the GOP field.

In announcing its endorsement of Haley, AFP revealed that was launching a multi-million-dollar ad campaign in the early primary and Super Tuesday states urging Republican primary voters to “unite behind Haley’s positive vision” to end America’s “broken politics” and move America forward.

AFP’s first ad, which aired on November 28, hails Haley as a fiscal conservative and argues that she would do what Trump and Biden both failed to do by bringing an end to “reckless spending” and “fix what’s broken.”

But not everybody in the influential group is happy about the Haley endorsement.

CNBC reported this week that Americans for Prosperity is under scrutiny as some operatives question the decision to back Haley, whom many view as being out of step with the group’s values.

Many longtime Koch-affiliated operatives and donors are confounded that AFP would throw its influence behind a candidate with almost no chance of securing the GOP nomination, particularly someone like Haley whose views are contrary to the network’s advocacy efforts.

Chris Maidment, who until last weekend was AFP’s director of grassroots operations in New Hampshire, blasted the endorsement on X last Friday, saying he opposed Haley’s endorsement and would not help AFP’s efforts to support her.

The next day, AFP terminated Maidment.

Maidment told NBC that he is not alone in his objection to the Haley endorsement and revealed that the group’s leadership was warned that there would be “attrition” in the ranks if they went ahead with endorsing Haley.