North Korea Works To Strengthen Partnership With Putin

Worldwide reporting shows that the Russian foreign minister met with his North Korean colleague in January to discuss strengthening bilateral relations in the wake of mounting international alarm about a purported military arrangement connecting North Korea and Russia.

Countries have condemned the transfers in response to the claims, seeing them as a breach of UN sanctions and a danger to international security.

Sergei Lavrov and Choe Son Hui, the foreign ministers of North Korea and Russia, began their discussion by saying they would address the implementation of the agreements between their leaders.

International fears were aroused about a potential armaments cooperation that may assist Russia in restocking its arsenals during the conflict in Ukraine when North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un visited Russia in September to meet with President Vladimir Putin and tour various military locations.

Lavrov also brought up the two nations’ productive and close collaboration at the UN and other international institutions during his remarks. He made it clear that Russia is grateful to Pyongyang for backing Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Putin plans to visit North Korea at a mutually agreeable time, according to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.  Choe promised they would do everything possible to strengthen their relationship.

There is global worry about the purported weaponry agreement between NoKo and Russia. Some allegations have surfaced, including the idea that North Korea provided Moscow with weaponry to use in the conflict in Ukraine. Allegations have surfaced about the transportation of artillery ammunition and missiles, with some claiming that Russia’s confrontation with Ukraine used missiles manufactured in North Korea.

Both countries have denied the allegations.

Several nations, including the US and South Korea, have spoken out against these purported military deliveries, saying they go counter to UN sanctions and potentially exacerbate tensions in the area. Despite denials from Russia and North Korea, the transfers have caused widespread concern and censure throughout the world.

Russian forces have already attacked Ukraine with North Korean-supplied ballistic missiles, according to John Kirby, a spokesperson for the United States National Security Council.