Nurses Who Bullied Patients, Coworkers Get Banned From Hospital

Two nurses, Alicia Andrews and Tabitha Williams, have been dismissed from their roles at Llandudno General Hospital in North Wales for bullying their colleagues and patients.

Students brought the incidents to Bangor University’s attention, which emphasized a notable deficiency in the standard of patient care.

During the hearing, a student nurse alleged that Ms Andrews encouraged, rather than dissuasion, a patient who was expressing suicidal thoughts, while Mrs Williams appeared to find the situation amusing.

The student said that Ms. Andrews tended to use sarcasm and display hostility towards patients, whereas Mrs Williams had a way of making student nurses feel uncomfortable and ignored. Despite the student nurse’s lack of training, they were consistently responsible for conducting blood glucose observations after three weeks on the ward.

Ms Andrews made snide remarks about another patient, while Mrs Williams used strong language towards a patient with dementia who would cry loudly. A student nurse revealed that they frequently conversed with fellow student nurses on the ward, expressing reservations about their capabilities and offering critiques of their performance. Another student nurse voiced concern about the treatment of fellow nurses, noting that one nurse in particular received minimal attention and was consistently seen as incapable.

Mrs Williams consistently made comments that indicated that a patient’s condition was worsening internally and neglected to properly monitor them when they were experiencing symptoms like dizziness and vomiting bile. Her choice of words towards a patient could be seen as dismissive or impolite.

Both nurses were reported to the NMC for allegedly exhibiting aggressive and threatening behavior towards their colleagues, particularly student nurses, over nine months.

Alicia Andrews and Tabitha Williams were issued striking-off orders following a series of hearings conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Fitness to Practise Committee.

The panel determined that Mrs Williams and Ms Andrews’ conduct created an intimidating, hostile, degrading, and humiliating atmosphere for student nurses and staff on the ward.