NYT Columnist Claims There’s A “Direct Line” From Tax Cuts To Mass Shooting

(NewsGlobal.com)- New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wins the prize for the most ridiculous claim about last week’s brutal shooting in Buffalo, and that’s saying a lot.

In a column last Monday, Krugman claimed that there is a “direct line” from the Republican Party’s preference for lower taxes to the January 6 riot at the Capitol to the deranged gunman who murdered ten people at a Buffalo, New York grocery store last weekend.

And by “direct line,” Krugman means “no line at all, he’s just lumping unrelated things together and yelling ‘aha!’”

Krugman claims with not one iota of evidence that the shooter’s embrace of the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that a cabal of elite Jews is trying to eradicate white Europeans through immigration and declining birth rates is something that is “attracting significant mainstream support within the GOP.”

Yeah, no it isn’t.

Noticing that Democrats salivate at the prospect that immigrants flooding across our open borders will one day make white people the minority isn’t the same as believing this whacked-out theory that there is a cabal of powerful Jews trying to eradicate white people.

Then again, Paul Krugman’s role at the New York Times isn’t to offer reasoned, measured, thoughtful opinions rooted in reality.

Like pretty much everybody else in the American corporate media, Paul Krugman’s role is to advance whatever talking points the Democrats think will help them win in the next election.

And since the Democrats can’t run on the economy, inflation, the $30 trillion national debt, high energy prices, or anything else that matters to voters, they’re running with “the Republicans are White Supremacists who want to murder blacks just like the Buffalo shooter!”

Sure, it’s insane. But Democrats aren’t known for sanity. Plus, they are desperate to change the subject.

And dutiful little hack that he is, Paul Krugman is happy to do his part.

Meanwhile, as the Democrats and their handmaids in the press focus on Buffalo, there were two other shootings last week that they completely ignore.

Just one day after the Buffalo shooting, a Chinese American with ties to the Chinese Communist Party opened fire in a Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in California, killing one person and injuring another five.

Then, just days later, a black man who hated Asians walked into a hair salon in Dallas, shooting and injuring three Asian women.

Both shootings are being investigated as hate crimes.