Officer Publicly Condemned For Treatment Of Girl

A new video shows the moment a Los Angeles police officer knocked a cancer patient to the ground and pepper sprayed her outside a supermarket.

After the lady videotaped her husband’s June 24 arrest for suspected stealing, an unidentified deputy from the Sheriff’s office slammed her to the ground and put his knee on her neck.

According to the police, the pair matched the suspects’ descriptions of a robbery in progress at a WinCo Foods location in Lancaster. 

The unidentified lady started recording as police apprehended her husband, who repeatedly demanded to know why he was being arrested. 

Lisa Michelle Garrett, the eyewitness who recorded the incident, said on Facebook that the pair had been insulted because they were “accused of stealing.”

She said a single officer approached the man and cuffed him. 

The tall cop became enraged when his wife began filming the situation, and he moved up to the woman and smashed her to the ground. The spouse pleaded with the officer not to hurt her because she had cancer.

As the deputy approaches, the lady can be heard crying, “You can’t touch me,” before he snatches her by the neck and throws her to the ground in the video.

The officer warned her to stop wrestling or risk having him punch her in the face.

After the deputy pepper sprayed the woman, she said she ‘couldn’t breathe’ and that he had his knee on her neck. 

‘All you had to do was listen,’ he said after he had her under control.

“I didn’t do anything,” she said in response.

Sheriff’s officials in Los Angeles County have claimed they are looking into what happened.

Pending further administrative examination, the two officers have been removed from field duty.

Sheriff Robert Luna clarified that he expects his personnel to treat the public with respect and dignity, and anyone not upholding training standards will be held accountable.