Officials Were Forced To Run Away From School Board Meeting

( On Thursday, the whole of the Fairfax County, Virginia, school board fled their own meetings after a group of Asian mothers arrived at the meeting and started accusing them of being “racist.” It comes after a federal judge ruled that the school board broke the law by pushing Asians out of a popular local math and science school.

Instead of re-implementing a merit-based admissions system in the school – rather than one based on race – the school board appealed the ruling instead.

That’s how insane school boards are, today. They would rather admit students based on race, for “equity,” than do anything based on merit.

The Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology previously had the highest math scores in the whole country, but the school board decided that their admissions policy wasn’t “equitable” – so they were happy to allow the school’s scores to drop by getting rid of the math test that was used for admission. They claimed it helped “disadvantaged” students to get into the schools, but the results were disastrous.

This school, which was once known for its top math grades, had to implement a remedial math class.

In this instance, the parents accusing the school board of being racist are 100% correct. Why would the school board not want Asians in its school? It’s a travesty.

Asra Nomani, an Indian-born mother of a student who was involved in the recent lawsuit against the school, spoke out at the meeting.

“For the last two years you have been trying to make us invisible, but a federal judge has rules that in fact you are going to go down in history just like I told you you would, just like the school board in Brown vs. Board,” she said. “You are the new face of racism.”

Her speech was quickly followed by the school board…walking out.

What else did you expect?