Omar To Face HUGE Election Challenge

A prominent Democratic primary rival to Ilhan Omar said he would run against her again after almost beating her in 2022.

Don Samuels, a member of the city council in Minneapolis, intends on primarying her.

Despite being severely condemned for using antisemitic tropes and implying Jewish Americans had mixed loyalties in her first term, Omar, a founding member of progressive House Democrats known as “the Squad,” was re-elected twice. But Omar, a Muslim American of Somali descent, has taken additional heat for speaking out against the Israeli government’s assault on the Gaza Strip.

Jamaican-born politician Don Samuels said Omar was beatable and might have been defeated if they had run against one other in the general election in 2022.

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020 by a former Minneapolis police officer sparked protests throughout the world and rioting in Minnesota, the future of policing in the city became a major issue in 2022. Omar was among the leftists who blasted Barack Obama for characterizing the “defund the cops” movement as being a “snappy phrase.”

The politically moderate Samuels anticipates security will once again take center stage. He thinks the effects of the George Floyd and Covid crises have yet to run their course, and that people are still wary of investing in properties like strip malls and retail centers.

On Sunday, Omar sent a statement to the press and her constituency in which she outlined her accomplishments in Congress. She also spoke of her role in passing a public safety measure that offers mental health assistance and resources to victims of gun violence and in establishing an affordable housing facility for veterans in Minnesota.

Democrats are split on the war in the Middle East, and it has changed the dynamics of certain House contests. Omar has been critical of both Hamas and Israel’s military response to the group’s attacks and hostage-taking against Israel.

How effective the war will be in a heavily Democratic district that encompasses Minneapolis and several of its suburbs remains to be seen.