One Third of ‘Ukrainian Refugees’ Arriving in France Are NOT Ukrainian

( The exodus from war-torn Ukraine is creating a massive wave of migration, Europe’s most significant in decades. However, there is one tiny problem; many migrants aren’t Ukrainian. They are from Africa and the Middle East.

France has accepted more than 100,000 people, none of which require visas if they are refugees. This policy permits them to stay in the country for a minimum of a year, visa-free.

President Macron recently stated in a speech that France, like its European counterparts, will do their best to assist the Ukrainian people and welcome refugees from their besieged neighbor to the east.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that approximately 5,000 people had crossed the French border since Russia’s invasion on February 24th, and the number was “increasing rapidly.”

But findings by the French reveal that many of the “refugees” are not Ukrainian.

The breakdown finds 7.5 percent are Algerian, and 3.5 percent are from the Ivory Coast and Morocco. Indians and Kyrgyzstan nationals represent about 2.5 percent.

Other nationalities include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Pakistan, Nigeria, and China.

The United Nations Refugee Agency has put pressure on countries that may turn back these scammers, asking that they do not discriminate “against any person or group” and “continue to maintain access to the territory for all those fleeing.”

About three million migrants are fleeing the war in Ukraine, and nations across Europe have kept their borders open for these refugees.

More than 50% of the Ukrainian refugees flee, naturally, to neighboring Poland. Incredible stress has been placed on Poland, inundated with this sudden influx, and they expect these numbers to increase with the war having no end in sight.

Zamosc (a small town with a population of 60,000) has seen, on various days, upwards of 35,000 migrants.

According to the BBC, other small cities have been pushed to the limits on resources migration and wonder how long they can deal with the crisis.

Thousands more from Ukraine will seek refuge in Eastern and Western Europe in the coming weeks.