Only 16% Of Gen Z Is Proud To Live In America

( A newly released Morning Consult survey showed that there is declining national pride among the nation’s young generation, Gen Z, with only 16% saying that there are proud to live in the United States, according to The Daily Wire. The number of Gen Z adults was starkly contrasted among total U.S. adults, of which 52% were proud to live in the country.

Among the baby boomer generation, 73% said they were proud, and 54% of Gen Xers and 36% of millennials concurred. Generation Z is considered to be born between 1997 and 2012.

The survey also revealed that 59% of most customers since late December want to buy goods and items from places that “reflect their social values,” however, Gen Z came in the lowest among other demographics. While Gen Z reportedly expresses a strong demand for corporations to take action on key issues like race and abortion, baby boomers and millennials do not care so much if these same corporations operate in countries that repress civil liberties elsewhere in the world.

Older generations reportedly support spending money due to values, the survey showed. Gen Z agreed only 28% more than those who did not support it. Baby boomers and millennials, however, supported spending money because of their values by 40% and 41%, respectively.

But Gen Z is more motivated to purchase from companies that support similar causes. 55% of the generation said that they would purchase from companies if they supported the Black Lives Matter movement. 36% said that they would support a company if it “supported a Democratic lawmaker.” However, if the company “supported a Republican lawmaker,” only 10% of Gen Zers said that they would continue to shop there.

The discrepancy was sharpest if a company did not support abortion, with negative 16% of Gen Zers saying they would shop there. But, if a company worked in a country that did not hold the same values as Gen Z and actively worked to repress civil liberties, 3% said they would keep shopping.