Party Donors Against Donald Trump Line Up Behind Liz Cheney

( Former President Donald Trump and his supporters may be lining up against Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, but several big GOP donors are lining up behind her.

One such couple is Bobbie and Bill Kilberg, who were planning to host a relatively small an intimate cocktail party fundraiser for Cheney at their home located in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C., called McLean. According to a local ABC news affiliate, the couple was expecting a small crowd who wanted to come and meet Cheney and the special guest of the evening, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

What happened was that so many people wanted to attend, they had to move it to a larger venue that could accommodate 75 guests.

As the Kilbergs said to CNN, they are happy to support Cheney, who has quickly emerged as the champion of the anti-Trump rhetoric. Bobbie Kilberg said:

“We are moving beyond Donald Trump. Enough, already. Enough’s enough.”

Taking down Cheney in the Republican primary has been one of the main focuses for Trump in his time since leaving the White House last year. Cheney is running for re-election to the House, and her main competition is going to be Harriet Hageman.

Hageman, who at one point served as an adviser to Cheney, has received an endorsement from Trump already.

Many big Republican donors have lined up behind Cheney, though, despite her opposition to Trump and despite her being censured by the Republican National Committee after she decided to join the liberal-led House special committee investigating the incidents of January 6, 2021.

Many people close to the congresswoman say that she’s ultra-focused on winning re-election to the House. Some, though, have said that if Trump were to run for president again in 2024, they wouldn’t put it past Cheney to run against him.

As Wyoming state Representative Landon Brown said recently about Cheney’s potential run for president:

“Would it surprise me? Not even in the slightest.”

Brown is one of only a few members of the GOP in the state who is backing Cheney in Wyoming’s primary election. Cheney’s campaign declined to make a comment for ABC’s story about the situation.

But, the activity that the Cheney campaign has taken thus far suggest she’s laying groundwork for a job that could be bigger than representative from Wyoming. She’s traveled to New Hampshire recently, a state that holds one of the early primaries in presidential elections.

She’s also made various speeches for Republican organizations that have national appeal such as the Ripon Society. She’s also raised quite a lot of money, a total of $2 million in just the fourth quarter of last year.

As former GOP Representative Barbara Comstock, from Virginia, said recently:

“People respond to people who are principled and who stand up and are their own person.”

Cheney also has received the public support and financial support from the only two living Republican presidential nominees of the past — Romney and George W. Bush.