Pelosi Denies That Pentagon Warned Her Against Taiwan Trip

( In response to the Biden administration’s worries that her visit could ignite a diplomatic crisis with China, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied that the military had advised her against visiting Taiwan.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan from August 2 to August 3 enraged China, which viewed it as a challenge to its sovereignty. This led to a week of People’s Liberation Army live-fire drills in the waters near the independent island. In July, as China threatened a “forceful” response that some feared would involve military action, President Joe Biden said the military thought Pelosi’s trip, which had not yet been confirmed, was “not a smart idea.”

Pelosi claimed she had not heard Joe Biden or the White House say anything about the Taiwan trip.

[She’s either lying, or her biscuit’s not done in the middle.]

According to reports, Pelosi stated that she had a lot of pride in our armed forces. In her opinion, they lessened the impact of the Chinese on the trip because of their planning.
She then said she doesn’t respond to inquiries regarding travels before trips, so she wouldn’t comment on the President’s statement before departure. Pelosi claimed that China simply exploited her visit as a “pretext” to step up its drive for Taiwan’s reunification.

The Pentagon stated that it had nothing to say but cited a custom of speaking with American officials before a trip.

In private, Pelosi was frequently informed of the risks of her travel by Pentagon and White House officials, reports show.

[Yep. She was lying.]

Following allegations that the U.S. Navy would send naval forces, fighter aircraft escorts, and surveillance in advance of Pelosi’s alleged arrival, the Pentagon sent a battle group of the U.S. Navy to the Philippine Sea, which includes Taiwan. The military was concerned that Pelosi’s visit might ignite a larger war between China and Taiwan, even if it did not think China would take any action that might hurt Pelosi.

Even though the United States acknowledges Taiwan as a part of a larger China under the One China policy and has refused support for its independence, Pelosi described her travel as a demonstration of American support for the self-governing nation and an affirmation of democracy in Taiwan.